Sponsorship Spotlight: Coterie Collective Colorado

Since we started in 2015, DFP has been 100% volunteer driven. That is why we didn't shy away when one of our board members brought a Sponsorship opportunity to us. In fact, we thought we may have scared them away with our excitement ūüėÖ!
After meeting with the team we quickly realized this was going to be a great, beneficial & fun partnership all around.

We are happy to announce Coterie Collective Colorado as a 2022 sponsor of DFP! Here is a little more about the Coterie team, Jen, Brooke & Hannah , and why they decided to team up with us!

1.     Tell us about your business.

At Coterie Collective Colorado we strive to provide an elevated real estate experience that does not feel like the traditional sales process. We remove the pressure and replace it with a personalized plan that suits our client's needs and time frame. With team members who specialize in various areas of expertise, from relocation to vacant land to investing in an income property, we collaborate on a daily basis to provide the highest quality service.

2.     What made you want to get involved with our non-profit?

We love that Drink for Pink gives back in a way that combines health, community, and connection. We believe that change is best created when cause and joy align and Drink for Pink exhibits these qualities at every event. 

3.     What is your favorite part about Drink for Pink?

Drink for Pink makes making a difference fun! Additionally, we are impressed with the amount of funds that are directly donated to breast cancer research. Drink for Pink does an excellent job of utilizing resources and keeping costs low to maximise the impact of the funds raised.

4.     Does your business work with any other local non-profit organizations?

Drink for Pink is the first non profit that our team has collaborated with but, individually, our team members are involved with an array of non profits including Daya International, TeVoe House, SlowFood, and Packs of Hope.

5.   Give a shout out to your fave brewery! 

Jenn-Hands down the Bull and Bush. You just can't beat the energy and history of the place. Plus, they decorate with bubble lights in the winter and serve mashed potatoes with green chili. Does it get better than that!? I think not.

Hannah- I love the atmosphere at Twisted Pine. It does not hurt that their beer is excellent as well!

Brooke- Reverence has a fireplace that is perfect for cozying up next to when it is cold outside and you still want a beer.

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