Partnership Spotlight: Lone Tree Brewing

Tell us about your brewery/business:

Mike: Here at Lone Tree we are a craft brewery that opened our doors in 2011 near Park Meadows Mall as the first brewery in Lone Tree, Colorado. Our neighborhood-focused, family-friendly-dog brewery and tasting room regularly hosts community events that gather around a stylistically diverse lineup of flagship, seasonal and limited release beers.

What made you want to get involved with nonprofits, and more specifically Drink for Pink?

Mike: Here at Lone Tree Brewery we have been doing a 'Charity of the Month' program and Drink for Pink was one of the charities to apply and we've been great partners ever since.

What events have you hosted to support Drink for Pink and did you find them to be beneficial to your brewery/business?

Mike: Over the years we have hosted six Drink for Pink Cornhole tournaments along with a Drink for Pink beer dinner. The events have been very beneficial for us here at Lone Tree. The events bring attention to people that would normally not come into our brewery. The events also create a great atmosphere in our brewery which is something that we are always striving to create.

What is your favorite part about Drink for Pink?

Mike: My favorite parts about Drink for Pink are the cause they are striving for and the people working with Drink for Pink. I love how transparent Drink for Pink is with their finances and who they donate to. I also love how Drink for Pink interacts with the community through different events. The Drink for Pink crew also enjoys drinking beer as well!

What other local non-profits does your brewery/business work with?

Mike: The other non-profit charities we work with are; CancerBlows, Evans Scholars Foundation, Big Dogs Huge Paws, Bonfire Warrior Program, Freedom Service Dogs, The Honor Bell Foundation, Guys Who Give(Douglas County), Reach Out and Read Colorado and many others.

What is your favorite beer?

Mike: My favorite beer in the world is Duck Duck Gooze and/or Red Poppy, both from The Lost Abbey Brewing Company in San Marcos, California. My favorite Lone Tree beer is our Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout.

A HUGE thank you to Mike Webster for taking the time to answer our questions. We are excited to continue, and grow, our partnership with Lone Tree Brewing! 

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