Event Spotlight: Crossfit Undeniable

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We are thrilled to share this event spotlight from our Crossfit Undeniable fundraiser this past weekend.

When Spencer (owner) reached out in September, we were in full swing of our DFP events and were nervous to add something to the calendar without proper time to plan. Regardless of the time frame, we are always excited at the opportunity to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

Not surprising, the crossfit community, and specifically CrossFit Undeniable family, came together to help us raise over $700 in a 2 hour time frame!

Fun anecdote: Drink for Pink followers who have been with us from the start will recognize the name of the gym. We actually did two events with them before Spencer was the owner; and our very own co-founder, Jeremey Duvall, owned the gym prior to Spencer.

Here’s to growing this event year over year!

 1.  Tell us about your business

We are CrossFit Undeniable. CrossFit is an all-encompassing fitness program focusing on improving performance in strength and conditioning via a combination of constantly varied gymnastics, endurance, and weightlifting exercises. We pride ourselves on cultivating athletes of all backgrounds, goals, and ability levels into better versions of their athletic selves. We focus on mastering functional movement mechanics, and then adding progressive intensity. We also specialize in keeping fitness fresh, enjoyable, and safe for all the members of our community.
2.  What made you want to get involved with non-profits, and more specifically Drink for Pink?
One of the biggest elements of what I believe to be an outstanding CrossFit gym is the sense of community. It is our intention at CrossFit Undeniable to give back as big and as often as possible. I, personally, am new to owning a business, but now that I’m starting to get into the swing of things, I feel we as a company and community are ready to give back. Specifically, we are choosing Drink For Pink as one of the first non-profits to work with as one of our gym’s original founders was a founder for Drink For Pink as well, and we love what you guys are doing!
3.  What events have you hosted to support Drink for Pink and did you find them to be beneficial to your brewery/business?
None yet that I’ve been a part of, but we are hosting an event this coming October 15. We will hold a community workout for anyone to attend. We will charge a $20 donation fee for any participants which will then be donated to Drink For Pink.
4.  What is your favorite part about Drink for Pink?
I like beer and I hate cancer, so I’m all about what you guys do!
5.  What other local non-profits does your business work with?
None at the moment, but like I said, we are going to focus on using our fitness and community to give back as big and as often as possible in the future!
6.  Do you have a favorite beer?
Lagunitas IPA or Pacifico

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