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What happens to your donations?

All donations to Drink for Pink are used to fund local cancer research in the state of Colorado. Drink for Pink is a volunteer organization meaning all board members and volunteers have agreed to help the organization without any form of payment or compensation. Because we’re a self-funded organization, we do use some proceeds from events to cover costs like marketing materials, t-shirt designs, and payment for federal/state filings. However, we aim to keep these as low as possible, and in the future, we aim to have the costs covered by a grant. We publish a breakdown at the end...

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Partnering With Cancer League of Colorado

First published: August 7th 2015. By Jeremey Duvall. DFP Co-Founder. Alex and I were sitting at a coffee shop struggling to figure out the best way forward. We were both excited about the idea of turning Drink for Pink into a reality. The main thing standing in our way? Paperwork. As you might imagine, starting a nonprofit is incredibly complex. We immediately filed our Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofit Corporations in Colorado. Now, we were trying to establish Drink for Pink as a true nonprofit with tax-deductible donations. We were swimming in acronyms: 1023-EZ, 501(c)(3), 990 – the list goes on. The biggest hurdle...

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"Celebrate life, don't mourn it."

Drink for Pink is an organization that is driven 100% by its volunteer base. It is their impact and generosity that has helped us achieve great heights since our inception in 2015. One of those volunteers is Matt Kulbe, an incredible human who believed in Drink for Pink from day 1 and helped bridge our relationship to Cancer League of Colorado. When we met Matt, his mother Terri was fighting Breast Cancer. We were deeply saddened when she lost her fight in 2017. Working together with the Kulbe’s, we put together a Celebration of Life event Drink for Pink style...

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The Story of Drink for Pink – We Were Frustrated!

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First published: June 24th 2015. By Jeremey Duvall. DFP Co-Founder. Have you ever felt so frustrated at a situation yet powerless to change it at the same time? That’s exactly how I felt in October of 2014. Like many other organizations in October, the NFL was decked out in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. There were pink gloves, pink jersey accents, pink banners…the list goes on. I’d never thought too much of it before. I assumed the NFL was raising quite a bit of money and giving it to a foundation somewhere that was doing something to help fight breast cancer.   Then, I stumbled...

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