2021 Transparency Report

Hello Drink for Pink family – please read on as we break down our fundraising efforts from 2021, reflect on achieving a massive milestone, and look ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and self-growth.

2021 was much like 2020 due to COVID-19. Lockdowns, masks, and the turmoil stemming from the pandemic were in full force. For Drink for Pink, the idea of holding large gatherings, especially indoors, seemed like a pipe dream. From a personal note, my mental health was challenged and exacerbated, and I wondered if Drink for Pink should even continue. As always, it was the continued support of our Brewery Partners, Cancer League of Colorado, Brewery Boot Camp (now Colorado Fitness Headquarters), and our dedicated Board of Volunteers that kept Drink for Pink together.

Stepping into 2021, we had raised a total of $84,096 for Breast Cancer Research. The goal/idea of hitting $100K was a huge milestone for us, it was that aspiration that built the runway from which I currently write this report. Everything we did was to hit $100K, from our social media/website overhaul (more on this later), to our limited-edition apparel, and it is our pleasure to share that we pulled it off!

The numbers…

In (funds raised):

*Donations received after 12/31/21 that will be used for our 2022 fundraising amount

TOTAL – $18,539.85

Out (funds spent):

T-Shirts:  $500

TOTAL – $500

Total donation to breast cancer research in 2021: $17,107

Total donations since 2015: $100,903.57

The events we held were perennial and as successful as ever. Lindsay and Paul Chavez put together an amazing bootcamp, with wonderful vendors and silent auction items. Lone Tree’s Cornhole tournament was blast and Landlocked’s Ugly Sweater contest crowned another creative winner.

The biggest factor and change we experienced in 2021 was how we shared Drink for Pink with its audience. Thanks to the expertise of our Marketing genius, Alix, we redid our website which was in dire need of an update. We also stepped up our Social Media interactions, which continues to yield a return in breweries and other partners reaching out wanting to learn about us.

Another positive piece to share is a data point relating to our “Program Services to Total Expenses”. Essentially, this is data tracked by the State of Colorado that evaluates how much of what you raised actually gets donated (using a 3 year rolling average). We are proud to say we are at 94% for that statistic, which is to say we donate 94 cents for every dollar that is raised by Drink for Pink efforts

Drink for Pink has gone through a lot of iterations and Board Members, and as always, the 100% volunteer nature of what we do means a lack of continuity and process, which can hamper growth. We are excited to share that we feel stronger than ever as an organization, looking to invest more time and energy in northern and Colorado markets thanks to Megan Wolff and Daniel Ferguson. We are also lucky to have Geoff Sawtell and Mallory Davis offer their continued support and have officially added Lindsay Chavez from Brewery Bootcamp/Colorado Fitness HQ to be part of the organization.  

 Thank you to the reader for making this organization a possibility, we really appreciate your support! Our goal for this year is to raise $20K in 2022, so stay tuned for our events, share your favorite brewery with us, and as always, take care of each other 😊