2020 Transparency Report

Hello Drink for Pink readers,

When we published our 2019 report in April of 2020, the US was in the early stages of what would end up being a year long pandemic due to Covid-19. We knew this would impact our fundraising efforts; it would have been irresponsible to plan large gatherings while the science was asking everyone to stay home.

We resolved ourselves to a quiet year, a reset year to reflect on our 5 years as an organization. The worldwide pandemic wasn’t just a roadblock for fundraising events, it challenged our mental health and wellbeing in ways we would have never imagined. In the end, we held no Drink for Pink hosted events. However, we managed to pull a wonderful donation effort thanks to our perennial #1 partner in Brewery Boot Camp.

There aren’t words to describe what our partnership with Brewery Boot Camp and its owners, Lindsay and Paul Chavez, has meant to Drink for Pink. In 2020, the Chavez family refused to sit back and let Covid ruin their Annual Brewery Boot Camp 4 Breast Cancer event which typically draws in 100s of participants. As genius as they are hardworking, they hosted the event virtually which was a massive success. To date, they have raised $46,570K, which accounts for more than half of Drink for Pink donations.

The numbers…


  • Brewery Boot Camp – $13,566.46

(2019 donations we received after Jan 1, 2020)

  • Wynkoop Day of Darks – $2,467
  • Great Divide $325

T-shirts/Direct Donations – $48.22

Amazon Smile donations – $11.34

TOTAL – $16,418.02

 Out: (upside to a quiet year meant no expenses)

Marketing – $0

Fees – $0

Business expenses – $0

TOTAL – $0

Total donation to breast cancer research in 2020:$16,418

Total donations since 2015:$84,096

Wrap Up

As always, we will partner with the Cancer League of Colorado to ensure Drink for Pink funds are distributed to the most promising Breast Cancer research being done locally in Colorado. In fact, we will present them with a live check today (5/8/2020) during their Virtual Hope Ball event.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Drink For Pink in the past, rest assured we will be coming to your favorite brewery in the future.