Brewery Boot Camp for Breast Cancer

Brewery Boot Camp’s Annual Brewery Boot Camp for Breast Cancer is dedicated to making a difference for those diagnosed with breast cancer here in Colorado No matter where you live, we can raise money together! We take our typical Brewery Boot Camp class and amp it up to 300 people and add the flare of the virtual workout option where 100% of your registration fee going to Drink for Pink. And did we mention we finish it all off with a beer!


Even with all the obstacles that we faced with COVID, Brewery Boot Camp for Breast Cancer was able to raise $12,300 for Colorado Breast Cancer research. Our GOAL for 2022 is to reach $70,000 raised.


Paul and Lindsay Chavez have been with Drink for Pink from day 1. We initially met while they both worked at Lifetime Fitness and were friends with our co-founder, Jeremey Duvall. When they started Brewery Bootcamp (now Colorado Fitness HQ), they were generous enough to include our non-profit in their first ever Brewery Bootcamp for Breast Cancer event in 2016 at Dry Dock South. That event is our biggest fundraiser every year by far, with Brewery Bootcamp's donations covering more than 60% of our all time total haul over $100K. We are thrilled to continue this partnership this year.

Here is an interview we had with Paul & Lindsay on their business and why they continue to partner with DFP.

Tell us about your business:

Lindsay:  Brewery Boot Camp was started in 2015 with just one single brewery and grown over the years very quickly. We had a good group of friends who love to participate in workouts in the park with us and at the end of the workout many of them would want to “grab a beer”. Partnered with the fact that we would occasionally have to cancel our park workouts due to weather we decided to partner to of Colorado’s best things – beer and working out! We now have worked with over 60 Colorado breweries and have had over 2,500 people participate in a Brewery Boot Camp workout. We come in before they open on the weekends, or in a spare room on the weeknights, put on a total body workout and sit down afterwards and enjoy a well “earned” beer. We provide all the equipment and the trainers, all you have to do is show up, have fun, workout and enjoy some amazing company, and beers, afterwards.

What made you want to get involved with non-profits, and more specifically Drink for Pink?

Lindsay: We were inspired by the founders of Drink for Pink to raise money for a cause that affects such a larger number of people and families. We wanted to make a difference in Colorado and help raise money for breast cancer research and make sure all of the money makes it to the cause and not a small portion! Our business Brewery Boot Camp screams Drink for Pink – drinking for a good cause and we add in a good workout as well. Naturally, we figured hosting an event for Drink for Pink would the perfect fit.  We strongly believe in giving back to our community and bringing people together and that is exactly what Brewery Boot Camp for Breast Cancer does!

What events have you hosted to support Drink for Pink and did you find them to be beneficial to your brewery/business?

Lindsay: This year will be our 7th Brewery Boot Camp for Breast Cancer event. Over the past seven events we have raised $58,880 for Drink for Pink. Our event brings to together people of all fitness levels and all drinking abilities . We run a HUGE total body workout and follow it up with our Brew Festival where everyone can enjoy beer, wine, ciders, seltzers, food trucks and vendors – all helping raise money for Drink for Pink.

What is your favorite part about Drink for Pink?

Lindsay:  We love that Drink for Pink is dedicated to knowing where all our donation money goes to. We love hearing the stories about what researchers have discovered, worked on and how they have been able to make an impact on the evil that is breast cancer.

What other local non-profits does your brewery/business work with?

Lindsay:  Brewery Boot Camp has worked with a number of small nonprofits for mini events, but we primarily work with Drink for Pink for our annual Brewery Boot Camp for Breast Cancer event and UNDY Walk for Colorectal Cancer

What is your favorite beer?

Lindsay: That is a tough question! If you ask owner Paul – he would most likely say anything with extra hops – he’s an IPA drinker all the way. Owner Lindsay loves the variety of seltzer or gluten beers all of our amazing breweries now provide to those gluten free drinkers.